Well Come in Kaizen Workshop

Kaizen is everyday improvement
Kaizen is everybody improvement
Kaizen is everywhere improvement
Realize that the Kaizen has very big benefit in terms of improvement, we formed "Kaizen Workshop".
Kaizen Workshop wants share everything with related about improvement through on line site, we provide in form knowledge, article, news, discussion, tools, calculator, picture, and video. 

Visitor in this Kaizen Workshop site can read, see, discussion, study and download suit with what they want.
Kaizen Workshop has scope in management system that related with change for the better, such as Kaizen (Japanese Improvement), Six Sigma (Western Improvement), Lean Manufacturing, 5S, TPS, TQM, TPM, QCC, Safety, Environment, TOC (Theory of Constraint), and so on.
Kaizen Workshop divided in to some sites:
 as our motto "shift change for the better" in future Kaizen Workshop will consistently added more sites that relation with our topics by continuously.